"Recurring and consistent performance results from behavior change will lead to lasting changes in the way people feel, think, and believe in the long run"


Jon Katzenbach

Our subscription service payment options are for people who are committed to embarking on a long-term health and fitness journey, have specific fitness-related goals and would like a bespoke training programme tailored to their individual health and well-being needs.

We offer the following subscription options for both in-person and online personal training:


£600 a month


£500 a month


All of our subscription-based options offer not only additional cost savings, but benefits and rewards including:

  • Free Trial Personal Training session 

  • 3 Personal Training sessions per week (12 per month)

  • Personalised home workout programme to continue training in between sessions 

  • Additional online support in between sessions 

  • Theragun® deep tissue massage following each training session (optional; in-person sessions only)

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise following each sessions (optional)

  • Exclusive discounts with our associate health and well-being organisations (click here for more information about our holistic well-being partners).