Online Personal Training

Stay fit at your convenience! Join Bourne Fitness online personal training today.

Bourne Fitness online personal training offers you the same high quality personal training at your convenience, making it the perfect solution to life's hectic schedule. We offer the same level of support, guidance and accountability that you would experience with our face to face personal training services. 


Virtual training sessions

We offer virtual personal training sessions - just like our face to face personal training sessions only via a video conferencing platform. This means you can have the session from the comfort of your own home. You will still receive a uniquely designed fitness programme tailored to your individual fitness goals and health needs. Your virtual programme will be created based on the equipment (if any) you have available to you. 


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Downloadable training programmes

Our B-Fit Programmes are pre-designed fitness plans created to improve your overall fitness, build your training confidence, and make you feel good. We have a range of programmes available to download which cover everything from an efficient total body workout to focused training sessions for individual muscle groups. 

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