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Group Exercise Classes 

Not your usual ‘Outdoor Bootcamp’ style offering.  

At  Bourne Fitness we use high quality gym grade equipment combined with thoughtful programming and a friendly atmosphere, at a fraction of the cost of indoor boutique offerings.

Bourne Fitness training offers an effective, fun and safe space to develop technique and leave you feeling motivated and wanting to return. 

Did you know?

Being outdoors  has been shown to:

  • Improve mood

  • Help you relax and take ‘time out’

  • Connect you to your local community


Book your space and join the Bourne Fitness Community today!

Bourne Fitness Circuits

A high energy full body workout which combines elements of the Sweat and Small Group PT sessions.  

In this class you will:

- Develop your weightlifting and strength building technique.

- Improve your cardiovascular health.

- Increase your muscular endurance.

Coaches: Nathan Bourne and Sam Humroy

Saturday: 8.00am, 9.00am and 10.00am 


Bourne Fitness - Small Group PT

The Small Group PT sessions follow a structured programme which focuses on all muscle groups with an emphasis on your strength development. In smaller groups, you benefit from more attention and guidance on how to lift with correct form.  

Coach: Nathan Bourne

Thursday:  6.30am, 7.15am and 12.15pm


Bourne Fitness - Sweat

A full body high intensity class. 

The combination of weights, bodyweight and conditioning exercises in short bursts will build endurance, improve heart and lung health and build lean muscle mass. 

Sweat with Nathan Bourne 

Tuesday: 6.10am, 7.00am and 12.15pm


Sweat with Lauren Reynolds

Monday: 6.45am (please bring your own mat)

Thursday: 7.00am (please bring your own mat)


Bumps, Babies and Barbells 

Social Strength and Conditioning training for parents and parents to be on Tooting Common.

This class is suitable for parents both pre and post natal


Babies can be involved in carriers or in pushchairs.


You will: 

Develop your weightlifting and strength building technique.

Improve your cardiovascular health.

Improve your core strength.

Meet local parents.

Coach: Nathan Bourne

Balham - Tuesday 11.30am 

Tooting Bec - Wednesday 11.00am

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